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The Siemens HiPath 60 HandsetDelivering flexibility, Siemens' HiPath range of telephone systems provides a mixed environment of traditional telephony, with its long list of productivity-enhancing features and IP communications to meet the needs of home workers or small branch office staff

The two technologies, traditional PBX and IP telephony, can exist side by side, giving you the choice of the most suitable means of delivering voice services and allowing you to embrace the latest developments in IP voice at your own pace.


A modular solution

The Siemens HiPath 3550HiPath equips you for the future with market leading scalability and flexibility.

Its modular approach means that you can add functionality and applications as and when you need them, rather than just taking a “one-size fits all” bundle. As new network technologies emerge, HiPath is ready to go.


Catering for all demands

The Siemens HiPath 40 HandsetWhether you are at your desk or on the move, the benefits of using HiPath and its clients and devices are immediately obvious. Whether using the award-winning OpenStage desk phone, Gigaset cordless phones or the optiPoint Wireless handset, each has been designed with the user in mind. They are all simple to use with menu systems that make features easy to reach.


Open up your office

The Siemens HiPath Open OfficeHiPath joins everything together, creating a seamless communications system with the programmes and applications that your staff use every day. It lets you combine your phone calls, voicemail boxes, conferencing, fax and messaging into a single, unified solution that works harder for you. And that means your staff can do the same.

Here are just some of the advantages you’ll enjoy with HiPath:

From 20 to 150 users, Siemens HiPath provides an imminently flexible solution to your communications requirements, at a price that makes business sense. Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you do better business.


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