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Call Management

Communication Network Solutions : Call Management They say you can't manage what you can't measure and in telecommunications, this is where Call Management software steps in.

From simple reports that tell you what extensions and lines are in use, to detailed reports that provide individual destinations, call times and call response information, our Call Management solutions can help you to reduce costs, understand problem areas and manage your telecommunications infrastructure effectively.

So, how can Call Management help your business? Read on for more.

Telephone Activity In Real-time

Call Management keeps you in the picture, so you can monitor telephone activity right down to individual extension level. Overview reports let you see “the big picture” to make informed decisions from real-time data.

Deliver Better Service

Monitor telephone activity to see call response times, so you know just how available your organisation really is. Our Call Management software tracks callers and events and then presents the data within reports that include past activity. Reports can also be scheduled to print automatically at preset times to save time.

Customer Management Tools

Save time and money by understanding at a glance how many calls are being made, both inbound and outbound, including duration, source and destination. The costs of your calls are automatically identified using comparative carrier rates that show you how much money you could save by switching to another service provider.

Easy to Install and Setup

Simple management screens show current phone traffic with inbound and outbound information displayed using simple to use tables and graphs. Over 30 standard reports show the most often dialled numbers and the most expensive duration calls for even deeper analysis.

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Music & Information On-Hold

Communication Network Solutions : Music On-HoldAs an organisation your on-hold system can help project a positive image to both existing and prospective customers.

Whether you would like continuous on-hold music/messaging, or you want to create your own custom on-hold audio script, or even combination of the above, Communication Network Solutions can advise on a variety of solutions that make the most of "dead-time" when your callers are on hold.

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Communications Network Solutions : Power ProtectionThere is nothing worse than having a power outage at your premises with no contingency in place to support your equipment from damage.

With the installation of an Uninterruptible Power Supply you have the benefit of being able to carry on operations, whilst your building supply is being re-instated.

Dependant on the equipment being supported and the time required for back-up, Uninterruptible Power Supplies can be supplied with numerous power ratings that can provide hours, not just minutes of uptime.

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Communication Network Solutions : HeadsetsToday, Headsets are used more and more across a wide range of business environments. However why is it that so many people are choosing to switch to the headset from traditional fixed handsets? The answer is simple – improved health and productivity.

Research has shown that muscle tension and strain can be reduced by 41% by choosing a hands free over a fixed option. Also whilst using a Headset your staff have both hands free to carry out other tasks, therefore increasing your overall productivity.

All in all using a Headset is an easy and convenient way to assist your staff in their day-to-day tasks as well as creating a healthier environment for them to work in.

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