LG-Nortel Telephone Systems

LG-Nortel Telephone SystemsThe LG Nortel ipLDK Family offers between 1 and 96 extensions using a mixture of Analogue, Digital or SIP lines and is VoIP and inter-site network enabled.

The ipLDK Family is an optimised digital telephone system which originated from GDK in the early 1990s. It successfully merges LG-Nortel’s advanced digital communication system architecture and the latest VoIP technology and business productivity applications in order to provide an unsurpassed IP enabled telephony platform.

LG-Nortel Telephone SystemsThe ipLDK Family gives user’s access to a rich robust array of voice communication features developed over years of marketing and R&D experience. The architecture is implemented in a highly flexible and scalable system, affordable to small and midsized businesses.

A wide range of interface boards, which accommodate analogue, digital, broadband digital and IP telephony connections as well as SLTs and a wide range of digital and IP multi-button terminals, plug in to Universal Card slots in the ipLDK cabinet.

The ipLDK Family has the added benefit of:

Advanced Business Applications:

Wireless Solutions:

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